Top 20 problem solvers

Points Koios member

  • 773

    Roy Lachica

    Project lead and inventor of Koios
  • 769

    Tim Valberg

    Just trying out this service. Looks promising.
  • 541

    Mark Janssen

    Former student of the cosmos.
  • 348

    Tom LePage

  • 140

    Fred Osborne

    Naval engineer
  • 112

    Erik Willekens

  • 101

    Tor-Erik Larsen

    Financial advisor
  • 64

    Animashree Kumar

    I like to move it move it
  • 64

    Jan T. Fredriksen

  • 29

    David Soul

  • 19

    Jenny T.

    Physical therapist
  • 15

    Leasa Nolson

  • 15

    Jenny Bardem Lopez

  • 11

    Jessica White

    I love books
  • 9

    Mohammed Kambal

    I cofounded Madsatna with other five actvists , I was the one who proposed the idea , I worked in desiging the motivational model draft , Media plan , reports templates , website interface ,Iam now working as the Analyst and Developer of the project , where I analyze how the crowd are responding to the project and how we can develop a better Motivational and verification model . Iam active memebr in Stnad by Task Force Organization , where I am volunteering in the Analysis Team , I was involved in the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative Simulation . Iam volunteering with as atransaltor , where Iam translating the website into arabic languages with some other volunteers . Iam now working to establish Sudan2.0 Center , where we will work to introduce the crowdsourcing conecpt to the Sudanese Civil Society , we want to empower the NGOs with the latest technologies and researches in the field .
  • 8

    Sophie Jerram

  • 8

    Luke Flegg

  • 8

    Stephan Buys

  • 8

    Fredrik Henriksen

  • 1

    Sara Oliveira

  • 1

    Rick Stahl

    Join the Zeitgeist movement now
  • 1

    Wendy Walsh


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