History of Koios

The founder Roy Lachica got the idea for Koios in and around 2006.

Many things including personal experiences, upbringing, education and jobs culminated to drive the development of the Koios idea. However, a recognized need and opportunity for something new really sparked the idea for Koios.

Roy loved and still loves watching documentaries. Documentaries often portray a social issue or injustice.

With his passion for web development and the combined sense of helplessness watching social problems on TV he started to research ways to solve such problems using web based collaborative tools. To his surprise there was no such tool available so he set out to use his skills in Research and Development to sketch out what such a tool could look like.

Accomplishments so far

  • 2007 Initial research into relevant fields completed.
  • 2008 Completed first version of requirements specification and platform architecture.
  • 2009 Established contact with experts. Got feedback on the idea.
  • 2010 Got funding and started development.
  • 2011 Got the first prototype up and running.
  • 2012 Established core team.
  • 2013 Roy changed day job to something more relevant for Koios. (Induct - Open Innovation). Platform ready for closed Alpha testing. Established wider network and formed Facebook group.
  • 2014 Platform now usable and ready for controlled Alpha testing. Established program with a school to use Koios in education.
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