Community guidelines

These Guidelines are here to help grow in to a meaningful and healthy online community.

We encourage strong participation and user interaction. Basically you are free to do whatever you like on the site. However there are some actions that we have decided are not in line with the goals of this project.

Not allowed on

  • To use it for commercial purposes, for promoting or for advertising. This includes:
    • Creating content with the aim of increasing traffic to a site.
    • Creating multiple or duplicate content with the aim of increasing visibility of content or a link.
    • Adding contact info and website addresses in comments etc. with the aim of increasing traffic to a site.
    • Adding HTML code such as <font size="5"> etc. with the aim of increasing visibility.
  • Add content that encourage unhealthy/addictive substances or behavior such as alcohol usage, smoking and gambling.
  • Harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others.
  • Add junk or spam content (What qualifies as spam?)
  • Add content that violates copyright rules.
  • Add content about how to make money.
  • Deliberately and systematically add faulty, illogic, erroneous, misleading content.
  • Misuse of the system with the aim of generating points.
  • Use the system for religious or political propaganda.
  • Add content and tags in languages other than the ones supported by the system.
  • Add gossip and rumour.

Users who do not follow these guidelines may be suspended from the service at any time without notice. Any data added by such users might be deleted without notice.

Also note that empty challenges that are abandoned (not worked on for months) may be deleted.


All content should be written in English. This is because of our relational data model. For relations to make sense for the user, related information objects need to be in a language he or she understands. A standard language also helps more people to participate in review and moderation of content.

Allowed controversial activities

Here are some allowed activities that may be controversial. These may be subject to change.

  • You are welcome to delete comments that are no longer relevant.
    For example if a piece of content has a comment saying the content should mention x, then the comment can be deleted once the main content is altered to contain x. Deleting comments that are no longer relevant is encouraged to reduce information overload. This has priority over commenting history.
  • Moderators are free to delete abandoned challenges.
    If you create a challenge but never get around to work on it, then this space may be deleted after some time if there are no changes on it. As on Wikipedia we don't want to have poor content on our site. Koios should be the place to go to get updated information about social problems.


We on Koios have an ethical code we live by. Without these basic agreed upon principles collaboration can become very difficult.

Before using Koios you should make sure you agree with these moral principles.

  • Democracy and human rights.
  • Honesty and objectiveness.
  • Analytical and scientific integrity.
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