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The Koios website is being developed to help people engage in deliberative public dialogue, to find sustainable solutions to complex social challenges. Our online platform is for both common people and experts such as researchers and analysts. We are developing a platform for mass participation.

The online collaborative platform for solving difficult social challenges

With difficult social challenges we mean complex societal issues. Some also call these wicked problems, messes or swamp conditions. We do not mean everyday people problems. With "solving a challenge" we do not mean coming up with a fix or simple answer, but instead working towards holistic long term solutions and systemic innovations.

Empowering smart civic participation

Koios empowers You to solve long term, open-ended, systemic, complex, ill-structured, real world problems that often seem unsolvable. Policy makers are often the ones who make change happen, but Koios can assist and influence policy makers to make better policies. Koios is also a catalyst for informed bottom up social change.

Koios increases collective awareness and provides the tools to help you collaborate with hundreds of other people, to analyse, design and shift a problem situation towards a more optimal, fair and sustainable future state. Join us in co-designing our future.

It is all about deliberation, innovation, getting the perspectives, the right picture, to go beyond debating, and collaboratively work towards a better future once the system structure and its behavior is understood. Only by acting together can we solve difficult complex problems.

When solution proposals are agreed upon, Koios can then be used to start a movement. In this phase Koios helps you to plan and implement the solution. More on how it is supposed to work.

Structured, transparent, integrated and scalable

Koios allows for structured, transparent and integrated problem solving that scales. It can be seen as a breeding ground for self organizing think tanks, but not the traditional think thank, instead analytic, rapid, dynamic, online think tanks that can quickly organize around important challenges.

  • Structured: Helps you make sense and work constructively towards a solution.
  • Transparent: Open for all to critique and contribute.
  • Integrated: All in one complete and userfriendly tool.
  • Scalable: Lets you organically and rapidly form large connected virtual think tanks.

With Koios you can carry out research to understand a problem and its root causes. Koios helps you to evolve the best solution proposals by finding the key leverage points.

Koios is free and open

Open data > Open intelligence > Open foresight
- Helene Finidori

We provide a transparent problem solving environment for public good.

While Wikipedia provides free knowledge. Koios will provide the tools to synthesize new knowledge and to let people harness that knowledge to collectively solve social challenges.

Data created by our users are made freely available for reuse through an open Semantic Web SPARQL endpoint. Other data formats will be added later.

Open Knowledge

Designed for soft problems

Koios is designed to help solve soft systems problems. These problems cannot easily be quantified because they are made up of people holding multiple, conflicting and even unpredictable views and motivations (strong social, political, and cognitive dimensions).

The uncertainties inherent in such problem complexes are in principle non-reducible and often cannot be fully described or delineated.

The systems in which these problems are found are typically self-organizing, non-linear, constantly changing, history dependent, tightly coupled, counter-intuitive, governed by feedback, resistant to change and characterized by trade-offs (John Sterman).

Our scope is complex pluralist problems where there are different possibilities, interests, and objectives, yet it seems likely that compromise or consensus can be reached.

These problems are characterized by high levels of complexity and uncertainty, with differing perspectives, con´Čéicting priorities, and prominent intangibles.

On a scale from simple, complicated, to complex and chaotic problems, Koios can be placed in the complicated to complex domain.

Koios is not designed for unitary problems (where there is agreement amongst participants as to what a problem is, how it is to be solved) or coercive problems (where there are fundamental conflict, with no possibility of compromise, and an outcome can only be reached by exercise of power).

Koios is typically for cross-cutting challenges that traditional governmental structures have great difficulty addressing.

Designed for systemic problem solving

Koios is being designed for systemic problem solving. This means; being able to understand the "entire" complexity of a societal challenge. We dig into the complex dynamics underlying the true causes of the challenge. Koios is about finding the best solutions to a problem, not just any innovative solution.

While other similar websites help you come up with ideas to alliviate a problem, Koios is the only website designed ground-up for systemic problem solving.

Koios is all about redesigning social system structures holistically by tackling root causes and identifying high leverage points for change.

Who it is for

A problem is an opportunity for improvement

Koios is intended for anyone who wants to create public value and advance the common good by solving social problems. Koios provides tools for both experts and non-experts.

Koios lets you work alone, in small, large or networked teams. It also leverages crowdsourcing to scale up.

Koios is particularly well suited for distributed open problem solving.

What it is NOT for

  • Investigating single incidents or accidents.
  • Organizational development or Continuous improvement in organizations.
  • Disaster relief.
  • Technical/engineering problems where more deterministic techniques may be more suitable. (See Hard systems or Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology).
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Pure discussion/discourse/argumentation.
  • Personal, interpersonal or minor community problems.
  • (Re)building nations.
  • Highly chaotic problems (neither knowable nor predictable).

How it helps you solve problems

Koios helps you on the entire journey towards solving a problem. Koios is designed around the System Improvement Process (SIP) and provides tools for every step of the process, be it investigation, assessing, planning, management, coordination, organization, brainstorming, task execution, examination, writing, sharing, analysing, reviewing and all the other activities typically needed to solve a difficult problem.

Having designed Koios around Soft Systems Thinking we offer a comprehensive way of maximizing synergies and reducing the risk of negative unintended consequences.

In general, Koios helps you to:

  1. Build a systemic perspective to understand the situation and its underlying structure.
  2. Design feasible, viable, sustainable and holistic solutions.
  3. Get your solution legitimized, accepted and supported.
  4. Get the snowball rolling. Implement the solution while learning.

Continue reading about how it works.

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Did you know

In Greek Mythology Koios (also spelled Coeus) was the Titan of the questioning intellect.


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Koios - Collective Intelligence and Crowd sourcing for public good

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