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    Obesity in the United States

    American society has become 'obesogenic,' characterized by environments that promote increased food intake, nonhealthful foods, and physical inactivity.
    Maturity level 6/10
  • Problem image 94

    Illegal logging in Malaysia

    Illegal logging is the harvest, transportation, purchase or sale of timber in violation of laws. The harvesting procedure itself may be illegal, including us...
    Maturity level 4/10
  • Problem image 106

    Ineffectiveness of cleaning in Malaysian resident areas

    In this article, we would like to focus on the responsibilities of the local authorities where they should improve the effectiveness of cleanliness in the resident's’ ...
    Maturity level 4/10
  • Problem image 13

    Roma beggars in Oslo

    Over the last 5 years Roma beggars have arrived in Oslo. Their numbers have made a strong presence in down-town Oslo. Their presence has resulted in a wide range of issues and t...
    Maturity level 3/10
  • Problem image 66

    Negativity toward sex education in schools in Malaysia

    Sex Education in school to create a awareness among school students about sex. However the reality is, there has a mix views from some parents about the implementation Sex Educa...
    Maturity level 3/10
  • Problem image 108

    Unemployment in Singapore

    In this case, Singapore government expects to maintain its lowest unemployment rate performance in 2015. However in the reality, the unemployment rate in Singapore start to...
    Maturity level 3/10
  • Problem image 50

    Extreme Poverty

    Poverty goes beyond lack of income. It encompasses economic, social, and governance dimensions. Economically, the poor are not only deprived of income and resources, but of oppo...
    Maturity level 2/10
  • Problem image 70

    Malaysian students not able to get in to reputable universities

    The problem that occur within the Malaysians students are they intend to pursue in a reputable university. However, students are unable to pursue studies in reputable university...
    Maturity level 2/10
  • Problem image 76

    Increased elderly population and lacking support system for the elderly.

    Elderly expects that the Malaysia government would build a comprehensive supporting system to cater the need for the elderly as the number of elderly leave independently keep on...
    Maturity level 2/10
  • Problem image 77

    High injury rates at construction sites in Malaysia

    Now a days, the constrcution workers injured quite often in the site which indicates the safety hazard in the working environment. Once in awhile we can read from the news that ...
    Maturity level 2/10
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