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National challenge created by AZNUR HAJAR Tuesday, August 18, 2015


This has been a school project at the Multimedia University, Malaysia.


To suggest a comprehensive support system for the elderly in MalaysiaTo suggest a comprehensive support system for the elderly in Malaysia







The problem

Elderly expects that the Malaysia government would build a comprehensive supporting system to cater the need for the elderly as the number of elderly leave independently keep on increasing but the reality is Malaysia still don’t have a comprehensive support system for the elderly. Therefore, Malaysia facing an inadequate measures in catering on the needs of the elderly. (SinYi)

Focusing question

Who is senior and what happened to them? 

What is Aged Healthcare Act in other country? For example: Australia.

What other countries implemented for seniors? 

What are the environment should the seniors living at? 

Why these current solutions have failed to solve the issues?

How serious is this issue?

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