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In this section users rate the Difficulty level of the problem by voting on the factors below:

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  • Displacement in space. Effects of change show in up in totally differrent places
  • Displacement in time. Effects of change are not immediately visible (often with unknown delay)
  • Weak perceived proof of cause effect. You are not sure what will be the effect of a change. (What people in general perceive)
  • Caused by many things/people. Many things are causing the problem, not just one single source. You dont know what is effecting what?
  • High solution cost. Any feasable solution is likely to cost a lot and take long time to implement?
  • High influence of stakeholders who perceive they will be worse of by any solution. It is probable that one or more stakeholders will create strong oppsosition to a realistic solution

The ratings given will fade away over time as new knowledge about the problem is gained. The newest ratings gets more weight.

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