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Research questions

The scientific process looks something like the list below. Your job is to figure out which of these steps should be prioritized at the moment. Keep in mind that you can have multiple lines of inquiry at different stages in process.

  1. Pose questions.
  2. Form hypothesis (something to prove or disprove).
  3. Design experiment (how to test if hypothesis is true or not).
  4. Collect and interpret data (verify findings).
  5. Draw conclusions (evaulate, double check and peer-review findings).
  6. Communicate (New insight is added back to Koios and possibly publicized elsewhere).

In order to come up with research questions you might questions like:

Within the problem domain, why is it that...., or how come there is...., or how is x affection y...

On a more generic level you might ask yourself:

  • What experiments could be undertaken to understand the problem better?
  • What are the unanswerd questions of the problem?
  • What are some uncertainties about what we have learned so far?
  • What areas need more research?
  • How can we gather more and better data? how to create surveys, how to do interviews etc....
  • What is unexplained: facts not accounted for, things that cant be explained.
  • What are our limitations? How can we overcome them?
  • Do we have conflicting information? How can it be resolved?

This section is used to write down research questions for the team. These are usually not specific tasks but rather overarching long term research questions for the team working on the challenge.

The Research questions functions as a reminder for the team, helping them get organized.

What are some questions we should have answered that would give new insights about the problem?

  1. Is character important for a president?
  2. Will the character of the president affect the mind-set and character of others?
  3. Is an unethical, authoritarian president more likely to get things done and "make America great again"?
  • Format your text using bullet lists for easy reading.
  • Enter questions that are concrete enough that team members can start investigating it immediately.

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