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Change projects

Warning. This step is not complete

We are currently in an early development phase of this system. We have still made this page visible to make our design and development process as transparent as possible.

At the moment this page only shows our notes and ideas.

Contact us if you have ideas or feedback.

List of Change Projects to come here

This page will contain a list of projects that aim to solve the problem. These projects are initiated based on the recommended solutions from the previous steps.

Once you have understood the problem and its root causes you can move on to the second stage which is solving the problem through a real world Change Project.

These Change Projects will have the same level of comprehensiveness as Challenges.

The difference between Challenges and Change Projects:

  • Challenge : All the steps leading up to this point. Is all about understanding the problem. (Can be seen as an investigation project)
  • Change Project : Not yet implemented on Koios. Is all about Change-making. This is where people make the change happen. (Can be seen as project management/implementation style projects)

Change Projects are to provide feedback to Challenges. As Change Projects learn about the problem through their ongoing work they will update the Challenge with new insights so that other Change Projects working on the same problem can make use of that knowledge.

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