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Koios rebooted

Added 1/14/2017 by Koios staff

The Koios project is now reactivated after some months. The project manager and founder Roy had to focus on his day job during a difficult period where the company were struggling financially. This break also has several positive sides. We now have a better perspective after a long break. Distancing ourselves from the project has helped to see the forest from the trees and we are sure the Koios solution will benefit greatly. We are also more motivated and have gotten new inspiration for the project.

Version 0.10.0 mostly includes changes to better accommodate new users.

During the coming weeks we will focus on adding more content on challenge spaces, testing the platform, improving usability and making it more coherent. During all of this we will revamp and restructure much of the problem solving process encoded into Koios and we will most likely rewrite much of the code base.

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