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Koios platform technical development issue 119

Private journal

Added 5/22/2014 by Ariel Margolis

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New feature
This would be a feature for any Koios user (not just students)
Users will be able to keep a logbook where they can jot down their thoughts, their challenges, ideas etc.
Entries in the logbook can be configured to be public or private. If public it will be visible on the users profile page.
The user can also decide who should be able to read the logbook. e.g. just the user, all members of a group, just teacher, all users on Koios, just Koios staff etc.
Logbook entries can hold youtube video links, as well as file attachments (e.g Pdf or audio).
The logbook will have a permalink so others can create a link to it from another webpage. (link will only work if logbook is public)
A teacher could ask students to write in the logbook each week and use that as part of the student evaluation.


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