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Koios platform technical development issue 115

Hypothesis testing tool

Added 5/22/2014 by Ariel Margolis

Issue type
New feature
This helps users to test the validity of a statement.
User creates a content item but he or she is not completely sure that the statement added as a content item is true.
He/she can then click a link button named “Test hypothesis”. A small "work space/research lab" will then be created. The content item will have a link to this space.
Inside this workspace users can test the hypothesis. There will be a section to state the hypothesis clearly. The user can then write how he or she will attempt to test the hypothesis. Evidence for and against can be added. Other users can then comment on the approach and provide help such as doing background research.
If proved beyond considerable doubt the content item will automatically be unmarked as a hypothesis and a reference/resource will be created that links to the evidence (research lab/work space)


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