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Koios platform technical development issue 112

Flagging content items as not being factual

Added 5/22/2014 by Ariel Margolis

Issue type
New feature
A link button on content item lets readers flag an item as not being factual (missing evidence, having logical fallacies (not being logical) etc). This helps the students differentiate between facts and subjective opinion. It also helps students strengthen critical thinking skills and the the ability to do the peer review aspect of the scientific method.
The content item will then be marked visually so others can see the flag. Other users can then help by adding supporting material or they can comment on the content item.
When an item is flagged the creator of the content item, the problem space owner and moderators will be notified. These users will also have access to a separate list of all content items in the problem space that are flagged.
A task will also be created for the creator of the content item to indicate that he or she has work to do to improve the content item by adding references etc.
Normal users will have a max number of flags they can assign per month in order to prevent misuse of flagging (e.g excessive use of flags may create noise, much overhead work for moderators etc.).
Flags are predefined by Koios. Similar to


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