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Koios platform technical development issue 111

Student user accounts

Added 5/22/2014 by Ariel Margolis

Issue type
New feature
This feature is important for login and access control.
Let teacher create student accounts (alias loginname and password). These accounts are not attached to any e-mail address, facebook user account etc. This helps us to isolate and protect the children. By creating “one time users accounts” we do not have to manage user accounts over time after student becomes an adult or when he/she moved to another school etc. This way the teacher have full control over what the student has done under his/hers control.
Students can still upload an avatar and write a short bio. (Teacher can easily see what students write on their profile page which is only visible to others in the group)
After the project is completed, the teacher deactivates the student accounts and future posting by or communications with students ceases . This way we prevent issues with possible problematic student actions after or before the teacher-student relation time span. We also avoid students doing malice to the problem space or changing content after the school semester is over and when content may have transitioned over to a showcase/portfolio.
Allow the teacher to assign another owner so other teachers can take over/continue to work with the problem space with new students.


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