Example use case

This section gives an example of how we envision the system to be used.

"James" is working as a carpenter; he has served in the armed forces abroad. He is interested in geo-politics and especially armed conflicts. He spends much of his spare time reading books and watches hours upon hours of documentaries.

James loves to discuss conflicts on forum web sites but he has recently become frustrated with all the flame wars, all the people who are not serious, and the lack of tools to take the discussion further.

He feels that the discussions are going nowhere. People jump to conclusion. People are repeating themselves, others are just naïve lacking knowledge, and some are getting too fired up to have a meaningful debate.

James also realizes that his own arguments are not that solid all of the time.

James’ main topic of interest has for a long time been the Palestine Israel conflict.

James has a lot of expert knowledge to offer, having been right in the middle of this conflict as a UN peacekeeping officer, but he is not able to use his knowledge to influence this or other conflicts he sees around the world. He simply feels helpless and has begun to build up a slight resentment towards politicians.

One day he hears about the Koios website. He signs up and finds that he can investigate issues in a systematic matter.

James has not been a member of the site since its start but he is able to read summaries or the most important insights so he does not have to read all 5000 existing comments on the site.

There are guidelines, tools and workflows to help him, and he is finally able to dig deeper. He discovers he can argument without going in circles.

Other persons can join in the effort and evaluate, scrutinize or build on the line of arguments and claims. He can collate audio, video, documents, texts.

After a year of using Koios he is able to present a solid and highly convincing argument of how to solve a particular sub problem within the Palestine Israel conflict. The arguments and data he has used can be reused easily on Koios or elsewhere as linked open data.

James goes on holiday and when he gets back he notices that others have carried on with his work and have added more details. He discovers that his challenge has been used to solve other related problems and that it has been used as part of a larger Koios problem space coordinated by an intergovernmental organization.

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