About medals

As you use Koios, you will earn medals, which appear on your user page.

We award users with different kind of medals. This page contains a list of the different medals.

Descripton of medals

Outstanding achievementsFor outstanding achievements. Some users may manually be rewarded this medal.
DoerDoes what others arent doing. This person gets things done. (s)he fills out the blanks and adds references where they are missing
CommentatorHas written a tremendous ammount of comments
OrganizerHave organized/facilitated a problem space for more than 3 months
ThinkerHas been active on atleast 10 problem spaces
WizardThe number of contributions exceeds 50% more than the average number of contributions
CorrectA very low percentage of factual contributions are downvoted
Eye openerHas posted x number of revolutionary insightful ideas
1st class problem solverHas been working on atleast 5 challenges or change projects activily for more than a year
EnlightenedHas a degree, is voted up by 20 other users and has made 10 insightful contributions
ActivistHas been participating in real world rallies working on a proatleast 5 problems activily for more than a year
1st class world changerHas been participating on atleast 5 change projects for more than a year

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