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Koios is absolutely free. No strings attached.


How does the login work

Koios provides a super easy way for you to login using your existing Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. By using these services we get a simple mechanism to identify you, and you get an extremely simple way to register a user account. It also helps us to prevent spammers from entering the Koios site.

Privacy note

At the moment we don't copy any of your data from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. None of your profile data, connections or other information will be made visible to others unless you activly tell the system to do so. The only exception is your profile image and your name/user name.

Don't have a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account?

Sorry you will not be able to contribute on Koios.

But hey, Signing up on Twitter is easy.

Don't want to use your Twitter, Facebook or a LinkedIn account?

Sorry. Maybe we'll have time to develop a sign up form some time in the future.

Why is there no sign up?

This is because we want to focus on developing the best problem solving service and not bother with all the nitty gritty work on user sign up, profile management, password reset, login and all the work that comes with that.

About OAuth

We use the OAuth protocol to authenticate you as a user.

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